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Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Anti- wrinkle injections can be used in isolation or combination with dermal fillers to reduce facial lines which are produced through natural movement and facial expression. Certain lifestyle factors can also accelerate the formation of lines on the face such as sun exposure, smoking and alcohol intake as well as hormonal influences. 

Anti-wrinkle injections are carried out using a fine needle targeted at specific facial muscles. The treatment is very quick with minimum discomfort and you can carry on with your normal activities afterwards with results taking effect within 7-14 days and lasting 3-6 months. Anti-wrinkle injections will not remove deep lines that are present at rest but with regular treatments these lines can soften becoming less noticeable.

The areas we can treat are:


We use a range of techniques meaning that you can decide on how you would like the botox to work, whether this be a subtle result with arching and some eyebrow movement or complete removal of the movement of the forehead. 

Glabella (frown lines)

Botox in this site can be used to soften the prominence of the lines in between the eyebrows and is often used in conjunction with the treatment of the forehead. 

Crow’s feet

Botox here reduces the lines at the corners of the eyes which are produced most often when smiling or squinting. 

Drooping lips

These lines are produced due to the downward pull off the lip muscles resulting in and ‘upside down’ smile. Treating these muscles with botox can reduce this appearance. 

Smoker’s lip lines

Whether you smoke or not vertical lines can appear above and below the lips. These can be treated with botox to soften these lines. Treating the site in this way can also allow for more of the top lip to show resulting in lip enhancement without filler. 

‘Orange peel’ dimpling of the chin

This is caused by the strong strap muscle in our chin. It can be present in some at rest or others during function and can be treated with botox to reduce the dimpled appearance. 

‘Bunny nose’ lines

These lines are often produced when squinting or in some when smiling or laughing and occur at the sides of the nose. Botox can be used to soften these and prevent their production. 

Jowl lifting

This treatment can help to tighten the jowls by selectively placing botox into the muscles in the jowl area. 

Platysmal ‘Turkey’ neck bands

These lines are often more prominent in older individuals due to the increased laxity of the skin and loss of fatty tissue in this area which can often hide these lines. Botox can be used to reduce the strong pull of these muscles softening them giving a more youthful appearance in this site. 

Armpit Hyperhidrosis (Anti-sweating injections)

Varying amounts of botox can be injected into the armpit area to reduce sweat production.  A reduction of up 70-90% can be achieved in most individuals. 

Gummy Smile Treatment

In some individuals the muscle involved in pulling the top lip up can be very strong resulting in the show of a large amount of the gum. Strategically placing botox to target these muscles can help to drop the top lip producing natural results and a beautiful smile.  

Treatment of Jaw pain and grinding

This is an advanced procedure and can only be performed following a thorough dental examination to identify any underlying dental cause of jaw pain and grinding. Treating the muscles involved in chewing with botox can help to reduce jaw pain and grinding significantly.  

Jaw line Slimming

The masseters are the strong muscles involved in chewing and present laterally on our jaws and can often be felt when our teeth are clenched together. In some individuals these muscles can be very prominent and produce ‘squaring’ of the lower face. Placing botox into these muscles can help to reduce their prominence and over time slim them and thus the lower face. 


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