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Diamond Bright Scale & Polish

Our dental team are passionate about your dental health, as such we have a state of the art NSK Airflow machine to provide a fast and comfortable, deep clean with superior stain removal.

Airflow Stain Removal is not teeth whitening but it will considerably improve the brightness of your teeth and give you a fantastic fresh and sparkling mouth in an instant.

Safe, effective removal of 'lifestyle' stains

Many of us can suffer from tooth discolouration due to 'lifestyle' staining such as drinking coffee or red wine, or smoking. FLASH pearl is a gentle cleaning powder made specifically to remove these tough stains from teeth.

Your Dental Therapist will use the Flash Pearl Polish system to gently remove these stains and restore your natural smile.

Flash pearl is a gentle cleaning powder made specifically to remove tough stains from teeth. It is based around a spherical particulate design that rolls smoothly over the surface of the tooth, gently abrading off stains and plaque without damaging enamel or the support structures of the tooth.

The base of FLASH pearl is a natural tasting calcium which helps reduce the acidity of oral fluids and inhibits bacterial development which decreases plaque formation.


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