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Private Treatment Costs

Hygienist Visits

Scale and Polish with Hygienist


Teeth Whitening


Single syringe


Diamond White Scale and Polish (Air-flow)


Cosmetic Work

Porcelain Crown / Porcelain inlay

From £485.00

Porcelain Bonded Crown

From £375.00

Porcelain Veneer

From £375.00

Porcelain Bridge (per unit)

From £470.00

Cast post an core

From £140.00

Gold Restorations

From £300.00

Porcelain Bonded Bridge (per unit)

From £375.00

White Fillings

£90.00 - £135.00


Implant Assessment

Contact for a price

Single Implant

Contact for a price


Full / Full

From £785.00

Full upper or Full lower

From £475.00

Partial Acrylic

From £415.00

Valpast flexible denture

From £585.00

Cobalt Chrome (full or partial)

From £585.00


Intravenous sedation (for anxiety management) per hour

From £275.00


Sports Guard

From £85.00

Lower soft splint

From £75.00


From £80.00

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